Business Management

Service Suite 360 provides you up to date information on your schedules, your employees and the work you are doing. In addition, you’ll be able to track a vast array of information that will help make your business more effective and more efficient.

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Online Scheduling

Let your customers reach out and schedule appointments online. Your customers will now be able to schedule their own appointments online; 24/7, using a Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer.

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Workforce Management

SS360 offers a time card feature that provides a variety of views, including one by payroll date range for an individual or an entire company. Employees can also see, review and schedule their PTO time used, Holidays paid, commissions and bonus paid by date range. This easy to use application keeps communications open because it also allows the employee to request time off, PTO, set appointments themselves within time parameters established by management.

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QuickBooks Integration

Easily connects to QuickBooks to allow for your deposits from each day to be batched quickly. This saves you Time & Money.

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