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ServiceSuite360 was designed by service company owners, managers and techs who deal day to day with the reality of operating a service business not the theory of one.

Starting with the basics in any service business is the need for the phones to be answered and quickly to seize the opportunity your customers are placing in front of you. That’s not always accomplished if you’re with a customer or your office is on the phone with another customer or even worse, a telemarketer tied you up on the phone and by the time you pick up the other line the customer is gone.

ServiceSuite360 makes it easy for you not to lose opportunities! There are three very distinct ways we are different than the competition that will make scheduling and answering the phones a bit easier.

  1. Use Service Suite 360 Quick Schedule- You answer your phones as usual and use ServiceSuite360’s quick schedule, which has received rave reviews from our current users as quick and easy to use. Works on tablets and mobile phones also.
  2. Use Service Suite 360’s Real Time Scheduling-Your customers can schedule themselves right from your website. Just place ServiceSuite360’s real time scheduling widget on your website and direct customers there to schedule when it works for them best, 24/7. This tool has proven to be very successful as many more people are using the web to schedule and make purchasing decisions. You set your techs availability and your customers can schedule you or your techs in real time. It really works!!
  3. Use our Virtual Office Team- The most effective way to ensure of not missing out on opportunities is having a team of professionals who answer your phones 24/7 without fail. Our Virtual Office Team is trained to take and handle your calls accordingly and affordably.

Let us answer your phones!

ServiceSuite360 Virtual Office Service is only offered to our subscribers. This allows us to remain focused on your needs. Here are some ways that we can help.

  • We supply you a phone number to use for scheduling or to forward your phones all the time or part of the time.
  • Increase customer confidence in your company brand by assuring a representative will always answer when they call.
  • Provide your customers the opportunity to call and schedule with you 24/7.
  • We can schedule your customers in real time according to the availability you set.
  • We can take messages and or transfer calls directly to you if the call fits the criteria you set for us to do so.
  • We can filter out those annoying telemarketers.
  • Use our after- hours option and enjoy that dinner with your family or finally go on a vacation.
  • Keep your overhead low by using ServiceSuite360’s Virtual Office instead of hiring additional staff.
  • SAVE MONEY! Our Low Flat Rate Cost is per pall not by the minute!!!

Dispatches to your techs are automatic!

ServiceSuite360’s Job Tracker is one of the shining gems of our software. Job Tracker is a feature for your field techs to receive your customer’s job information on a tablet or mobile device on a job to job basis automatically. Not only do your techs get the job information automatically, Job Tracker is designed to capture all pertinent information regarding the job. Below are some features built in and designed to make the most out of our software.

Job Tracker Sign-in (before tech can receive info)

  • Custom mission statement agreement
  • Anti-piracy statement agreement
  • Truck/Driver agreement
  • Notification of tool problems
  • Notification of truck problems

Job Tracker features.

  • Once logged in your tech can “get job info” including phone number to let the customer know that they are on their way.
  • Dispatch a notification to your customer with the techs pictures on it for security.
  • Time stamp the job start
  • Take pictures of the job and store to the job file.
  • Description of work performed
  • Customer signature capture
  • Select a customizable status of the job (I.E. Complete, Pending, Etc.)
  • Select a customizable job payment type (I.E. Cash, Check, Credit Card, Etc.)
  • Enter payment amount (this info will upload to QuickBooks during the Sync)
  • Enter a job commission (if this applies)
  • Time stamp the job end

Job Tracker will automatically give your tech the next job of the day or notify them that there are no more jobs.

No more hours and hours of copying tickets into QuickBooks!

As mentioned above all the information regarding the job is logged or entered by your tech in the same way they would a work order. Instead of hours of work, copying work orders into QuickBooks, we have made it easy with our ServiceSuite360 QuickBooks Sync. Its simple, just review the job information, approve the job for QuickBooks, Then Sync to QuickBooks. That’s it!!

Three Easy Steps to QuickBooks Job Sync.

  • Review Job info
  • Approve Job Info
  • Then Sync to QuickBooks

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