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ServiceSuite360’s Job Tracker is one of the shining gems of our software. Job Tracker is a feature for your field techs to receive your customer’s job information on a tablet or mobile device on a job to job basis automatically. Not only do your techs get the job information automatically, Job Tracker is designed to capture all pertinent information regarding the job. Below are some features built in and designed to make the most out of our software.

Job Tracker features.

  • Once logged in your tech can “get job info” including phone number to let the customer know that they are on their way.
  • Dispatch a notification to your customer with the techs pictures on it for security.
  • Time stamp the job start
  • Take pictures of the job and store to the job file.
  • Description of work performed
  • Customer signature capture
  • Select a customizable status of the job (I.E. Complete, Pending, Etc.)
  • Select a customizable job payment type (I.E. Cash, Check, Credit Card, Etc.)
  • Enter payment amount (this info will upload to QuickBooks during the Sync)
  • Enter a job commission (if this applies)
  • Time stamp the job end

Job Tracker will automatically give your tech the next job of the day or notify them that there are no more jobs.

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